Pride and festive cheer marked the Thai Pongal celebration held on 10th January 2019. Students of class IX-G organized a variety of programmes, that filled the campus with the Tamil Land’s cultural aura. The programme commenced with hearing of God’s word, followed by the prayer song. A graceful Bharathanatyam dance welcomed the audience. A short skit about tamil culture and customs followed during Pongal was skillfully enacted.  Traditiolnal folk songs and silambaatam amplified the excitement amongst the audience. The girls of class IX-G  performed  a colourful folk dance that enthralled the assembly. The happy celebration came to an end as Mr.Oscar, the Principal thanked and congratulated profusely all the participants and the teachers who had guided them. The spirit of Pongal  was palpable in the campus as the assembly  got dispersed.


The 2nd January, the first working day of the school in the calender year 2019 began with a blissful note. The students were welcomed in a special assembly on the topic “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS”. Sebastian and Maheswaran of class IX-D welcomed the gathering. Assembly commenced with the prayer song followed by a refreshing thought “COUNT THE GARDEN BY THE FLOWER NEVER BY THE LEAVES THAT FALL…  COUNT YOUR LIFE WITH SMILES AND NOT BY THE TEARS THAT ROLL… ”  presented by Sharon.  Vignesh of class IX-D presented the day’s news. Jevonte Miranda and Sebastian revealed their rhetorical skill on the theme. Mr.Oscar, Our Principal wished everyone a prosperous and blessed  year ahead. Finally Fr. Julians, Our Correspondent gave a graceful start to the New Year with the fervent prayer, seeking the blessings of the Divine on the Thomasian community.

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Recent Events


The Thomasian family was beset with a mixed feeling of sorrow and gratitude as it prepared to bid aideu to Mr.Chittananda and Ms.Sahayarani, the two longest serving members of the  teaching faculty. As they both  retire, having completed almost four decades of dedicated  service, the school desired to pay its warm tributes through a farewell  program  held on 22/2/2019. It  commenced with a soulful rendition of a Bharatanatyam by a group of students. (Name)  welcomed the august assembly. Ms.Florence and Mr.Ezhil Valan, as representatives of the Post Graduate Asst.  fraternity felicitated their retiring colleagues with words of sentiment, that emanated from their hearts. Master. Ashwanth and Master.Titus Immanuel represented the student community and  thanked  profusely both the teachers for their guidance all through these years.  Mr. Oscar,  the Principal warmly remembered their service and offered his heartfelt gratitude to them.  Fr.  Joseph Kumar Raja,  our former Correspondent and Principal,  took all of us along the memory lanes as he had narrated the yeoman services,  rendered by both Mr.  Chithananda and Ms. Sahayarani.  The teaching staff,  as a token of their love and gratitude  offered memento to both of them.  Mr. Thanesh and Mr.  Senthil read felicitatory messages in Tamil.  A fine consortium of students electrified the gathering with their dance performance.  Ms. Sahayarani, in her valedictory speech,  remembered gratefully all the blessings she had received through the school and Mr. Chitthanandha, in his address,  thanked all the previous and present principals and correspondents.  Finally, the day drew to a close and the air was filled with emotions of love,  gratitude and a tinge of sorrow.


26th January 1950 is a red letter day in the history of our nation,  the day on which we received joyously, the gift of the Indian constitution.

Its 70th anniversary  was celebrated in the school premises on 26th January 2019 with great e’clat and patriotic fervour. Mr.Favas, an erudite alumnus  was the chief guest. He hoisted and unfurled theTriclolor. The school saluted the it and pledged solemnly to uphold the honour and integrity of the nation. The students of class IX-E organised the day’s events. Ashwanth (XII-A) and James (IX-E) spoke  in English and Tamil respectively, instilling in us the spirit of patriotism. They were followed by a splendid folk dance. The melodious music and graceful movements of the dancers were spellbinding.

The esteemed guest motivated the students through his inspiring words,  emphasisising all along,  the importance  of they being  loyal citizens of our beloved nation and beckoned them to emerge as effective leaders of tomorrow.
The school auditorium reverberated with patriotic fervor and enthusiasm when the school choir started singing patriotic numbers.  Thereafter, students who had won various literary and cultural events, conducted in the Campus were honored and awarded prizes. Finally,  Stalin offered the Vote of Thanks and with the singing of  the National Anthem the celebration reached its culmination.