No kid is unsmart. Every kid’s a genius at something.
Our job is to find it. And then encourage it”

A kindergarten which literally means “garden for the children” is a preschool educational approach traditionally based on playing, singing, art & craft, music and movement, games, dramatic play and practical activities such as drawing and social interaction,all these hands-on activities help children to enhance their thirst for knowledge.

Our early childhood program is in English designed for ages 4 to 6. Here our children learn English in a language rich environment with the support of teachers in each classroom. They develop self-esteem, a sense of competence and positive feelings towards learning. They are challenged by learning activities tailored toindividual needs and interests. They also learn to work and play both independently and in groups. Children are encouraged to try and do their best.

Our kindergarten includes ‘KIDEES WORLD’ where our children have different experience giving them the opportunity to learn, play and explore new things. The children get their daily dose of surprise and a little boost to their knowledge by visiting this – Kidees World

Primary Education

Primary education is geared towards enabling students to develop essential learning skills and providing them with basic learning content. Here learning is investigative, communicative and creative and children are given every opportunity to develop academically, physically and artistically with the sense of respect and strong set of values. No negative thoughts are allowed. Our students are taught to

THINK with confidence

WORK collaboratively

STAY focused

BUILD knowledge

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High School and Higher Secondary education

Here children are taught to apply tools and techniques gleaned from core subjects to formulate and solve complex problems. They are organized to communicate data, findings and thoughts in both written and oral communication. Children are tailored to monitor and direct their own learning and take on projects and task independently.


They are reflective to seek feedback and constructive critique to improve their work. Children are driven by curiosity to ask questions, investigate and frequently explore new topics of interest. They are regulated to construct choices about personal behavior and social interactions. Thus they are coursed towards goal, despite the obstacles or adversity they may encounter.

Ch: We love it’s sweet

We know it’s truth

Patron Thomas greet

We rise and shine

O Lord, our God

All to glory Thine

1. Your faith in God we ponder

To His will we surrender

Into that virtuous glory

Raise us to rise and shine.

2.O patron, your love for India

Inspires us to be of service

You had it your own mission

Wish we have it our own vision.

Heavenly Father, God of power and might

We stand before Thy/Holy presence

Loving Lord / God of Life and Light

Singing praises / to Thy Holy-Name

Arise and Shine ,Arise and Shine

Arise and Shine ,Arise and Shine

Praise and thank you / for this new day

Praise and thank you / for all the blessings

You have showered / on us all these days

Guide and lead us / now and always.

Blessings have been / with us all these days

Guide us today in / in every step-we-take

Assis’t us to face / all those challenges

Of this century and the years-to-come

Glorious patron / Holy Saint-Thomas

True apostle / of Jesus-Christ

Bless all thy sons / of past and now (2)

On this year / of our ju-bi-lee

Lyrics: Mr.Oscar–Principal

Music: Dr.Gifty Immanuel M.D(Former Student)